How to find the right MLM Company for you

If I were to ask you, what do you think is the difference between training, motivation and education?

Here in the Philippines alone, there are a lot of Multilevel (MLM) companies that pop up overnight like wild mushrooms more often than you think and they even end up inviting you to be in their company via your emails or SMS messages.

Most would try to impress you with their unparalleled binary or matrix compensation plans; others would bombard you with pictures of cheques after cheques of earnings coming from their so-called top earners.

Then there are those would lure you with their impeccable reputation and longevity in the MLM industry dating back before humans where ever been known (Ok, I might have been too sarcastic at that, but I guess you get what I mean, right? ;))

All of these they would show to you just to lure you into joining in their bandwagon of happy ever after success and bliss.

— But before you blot an ink on that nice piece of membership form, please consider this simple equation I’ve prepared for you and why you can’t have one without the other:




We all need to be trained to be better. That we all can agree on. But the problem you have (and the most pressing one) is in the kind of training that you’re actually getting from that MLM Company.

For example, say that your MLM company did manage to train you just as so you would duplicate their “proven” methods of success skills they have done, and “trained” you to do the following to get prospects:

Training # 1: Flyers mode

-Which means your company would ask you to give out flyers on the street. — Not too suave, eh.

Training # 2: Kidnap mode

-This is a cheap, very novice move whereby you invite everybody you know and say to them that they where being invited to a party but only to find out they were actually going to your company’s Business Orientation Meeting (BOM).

Training # 3: Relentless call/text mode

-Relentlessly calling/texting everyone you know up to a point that you are practically begging them everyday to come to your business center for them to attend BOM (Business Orientation Meeting)

Training # 4: Spamming mode

– In your effort to make your prospects hopefully notices your business, you spam their emails with your MLM company’s marketing adverts and compensation plans. Not a very smart choice as this only increases your chances of your email address being blocked.

Training #5: Facebook tag mode

Tagging your friends with your company’s marketing advertisements in Facebook every day isn’t really wise either. This only increases your chances of aggravating your friends and them un-“friending” you.

Now, with all those so-called “trainings” you got, what do you think that would make you?

— You’re right! Nothing but a trained idiot.



If your company only gives so much motivational speeches (a.k.a. motivational hype) from your leaders only for you to get back that burning desire to do the MLM business every time but really don’t show you the “HOW TO” on how to actually do it. Rather, only orders you to go out and invite more people to your center for your invitees to experience your company’s Business Orientation Meeting.

Then there are also those online “gurus” that tell you that once you join them, they would provide you a duplicated site for you to give to your prospects everyday, then prospects would come pouring in hordes.

— Seriously, that can’t be true.

It doesn’t matter how grand and glittery your duplicated website is, if your prospects don’t know you, they would just throw your link to the trash bin… ouch!

Now, what kind of training what do you think that makes you?

— Yup, nothing but a motivated fool!



The truth of the matter is that you already posses the all training and motivation you need. Because first of all, you wouldn’t so be eager to join that MLM Company hadn’t you been motivated, right?

So let’s repeat our simple equation:


With this, I therefore suggest that you go for one that would enrich and educate you to be the best you can ever be.


Sadly, there are sill a lot of MLM companies that even though are just new in the industry, still follows the old ways of MLM practice.

But then again, there are those who step up the plate and go against the flow and give you what you really need to succeed in the first place.

Now let’s take for example this company called BWL (Best World Lifestyle) Philippines which is the exclusive distributor of Optrimax, a natural slimming food that allows you to slim down 3 kilos of excess body fat in 5 days.

One of the most valuable trainings that BWL provides for you is to give you a 3-day seminar on how to be a HIT (High Impact Trainer) which they provide even if you’re not yet a member during their Business Orientation Meeting (BOM). Now this training is $6,000 worth which they can give to you for free. It’s like having extra muscles after you’re done with the training!

Although ideally of course, it would best if you would join at once as they provide a lot more of these free and exclusive trainings for their members… and they’re only getting started.



If you are joining to join an MLM company, go for those that will provide value not just for your business, but for you as an individual as well.

Money and business may come and go but if you have VALUE in you and you share that to others. People with be attracted to you and would respect you for it. Thus, always remember this simple equation when looking for the right MLM Company:







I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Now if you did, please don’t forget to comment, like and share! 😉



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